Friday 12th February 2016,
The Park at Melbourne

God’s Kitchen Organic Market

Organic Market in Melbourne, Fl

Gods Kitchen Organic Market

The Park, a non-profit 501 C (3) indoor skate park has developed a new program “God’s Kitchen” an organic community garden and market/restaurant.   Gardening is a fantastic way to bring a community together and bridge the divide of race, color, gender, creed, age or socio-economic differences.

The garden will be a place where our students and the community can work together to foster generational learning, self-sufficiency and the pride of accomplishment. In a world of processed/ packaged food we will help students discover where their food comes from while learning botany, chemistry, agriculture, water and alternative energy management through hands-on curriculum with real life applications.

The garden will spark an interest in a career field or a line of study. In addition to the intellectual benefits of gardening, we understand the impact that an activity like gardening can have; boost self-esteem and improve the self-worth, discipline, and patience of our students. They can make a difference.

Our community is below the national poverty level and we hope that this gardening project will allow us to assist in the quality of life for the people we touch with this project. We plan to transform vacant lots in our area into productive neighborhood garden spaces. The product from these gardens will allow the families to cut living costs while actually improving their nutritional diets and improving access to fresh fruits and vegetables in under served areas.

Consider this…….

  • 7 tomato seeds = 280 pounds of tomatoes
  • 7 squash seeds = 140 pounds of squash
  • 28 corn seeds = 56 ears of corn
  • 28 celery seeds = 28 celery bunches
  • 7 pumpkin seeds = at least 21 pumpkins
  • 7 cantaloupe seeds = at least 28 cantaloupes
  • 70 beet seeds = 70 beets and a 70 bunches of beet greens!
  • 70 carrot seeds = 70 carrots
  • 70 turnips seeds = 70 turnips and a 70 bunches of turnip greens
  • 7 yellow bell pepper seeds = at least 70 yellow bell peppers
  • 7 red bell pepper seeds = at least 70 red bell peppers
  • 7 orange bell pepper seeds = at least 70 orange bell peppers
  • 28 romaine lettuce seeds = 28 heads of romaine lettuce
  • 7 green bean seeds = enough to eat, can, freeze, and give away
  • 28 broccoli seeds = 28 heads of broccoli
  • 7 zucchini seeds = 140 pounds of zucchini, time to make zucchini bread
  • 7 cucumber seeds = 140 pounds of cucumbers
  • 7 pea seeds = better can them while you’re doing the green beans
  • 140 radish seeds = 140 radishes
  • 28 cabbage seeds = 28 heads of cabbage
  • 14 greens seeds = greens every night for the season!
  • 7 cowpeas (black eyed peas) = 70 pounds of cowpeas

While Ms. Julie Cain remains the major benefactor and visionary behind this project, “The Park” remains a community effort, backed by the Citizens of Melbourne and the team of committed businesses/churches such as your self.  We are asking for your sponsorship for one year. Sponsorship start at 8×8 plots for $100, to 30 x30 fro $500. It is our goal to begin the garden by October 2011.  A hands on program like this is highly successful and the student as well as the community benefit. We hope that you are willing to make the investment in these students’ lives!

Julie Cain
2405 South Harbor City Blvd. Melbourne Fl, 32901
Contact Julie

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